June 2016 CMF annual session in Vienna (Austria) - Time has come for restoring confidence inside the great Europe

March 25, 2016

Mr. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Austrian Republic has granted his high patronage to the 27th annual session of the Crans Montana Forum to take place in Vienna on June 2016. This is a very strong signal that time has come for restoring confidence inside the great Europe and building a brilliant future of Peace and Development.

The Forum invites, at the highest level, the Authorities of all countries from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean to engage in concrete discussions related to the future of what is the potential new World Power.

Topics will address all issues related to the Regional and International Cooperation in this strategic zone of the World and provide Businesses with the best opportunities of network with the most influential decision makers.

This event aims to be annual in the capital of Austria. Every year the Forum on Central to Far Eastern Europe will focus on a new zone of the World in the spirit of strengthening International Economic Cooperation. In June 2016 it will be Africa !