All Crans Montana Forum’s Initiatives join forces to organize an exceptional meeting in Brussels, in the framework of the next Crans Montana Annual Session.
The Mediterranean becomes every day a human underworld for thousands and thousands of desperate and exploited migrants condemned to die. Among them numerous children.
On the northern side of the sea, just in front, is the European Union…
These broken lives undermine the dignity of the entire international community and the indifference that long pervaded is an intolerable insult to Humanity.
The time for compassion is over and action is urgently needed. The means of the action must be worthy of this daily tragedy and a part of the solution is to be found among the Southern countries themselves.
Thus, African Women, considering their structuring position within societies at the national level but also in the local communities, have a vital role to play.
In the same way, the many success stories among Youth of Southern countries are an endless source of hope. It is up to them to influence Government policies that are too often diverted from a Youth in need of recognition.
Numerous High-Level Personalities will join this meeting chaired by Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta.