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Toward a better Governance for a sustainable Economic and Social Development

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Under the High Patronage of
His Majesty the King Mohammed VI


The Crans Montana Forum organised its March 2015 session on Africa and the South-South Cooperation in Dakhla, the Pearl of the South Territories of Morocco!

This Initiative was in line with our thirty years of achievements and got the full support of numerous men and women of good faith from the five Continents.

Indeed :

  • Obstacles to the development and the World integration of Africa must not and cannot be considered as unavoidable ; the fight against poverty, illiteracy and exclusion must be accelerated and the results are now coming
  • Dakhla is a unique and impressive experience in Africa! It represents an original territorial governance made of completely innovative concepts. Dakhla is a key model for all countries of Africa!
  • There is a necessity – and that is the Forum’s mission – to organise international cross-cutting dialogues and open debates assessing all major projects leading to a sustainable economic and social development specially in Africa
  • The international community must be mobilised to propose a real support to the emergence of every African country and help to the World integration of the Continent
  • The populations of the Saharan regions need and deserve opportunities of a real dialogue with Government decision makers and Businesses from around the World. That is a simple but essential democratic right! No one can pretend to keep them apart and put them under a kind of embargo

During the last March 2015 Forum in Dakhla, the enthusiasm and the support of the population and the local officials was something impressive!

Thanks to the Forum, 800 decision makers from around the World discovered the extraordinary effectiveness of a strong-willed policy of development and the importance of the investments achieved by the Kingdom has been permanently underlined in the debates.

The Crans Montana Forum was warmly welcomed by the local society and the historical record regarding the number and the quality of the participants represents the evidence that our views are the right ones.

Since March 2015, we have received an impressive number of friendly and supportive messages.

Dakhla is representing a real hope for the whole African Continent. The Cooperation policy of the Kingdom towards Africa is also admired and encouraged unanimously.

Morocco is clearly showing the way to development for Africa. The Forum has been fighting for this Continent for such a long time. Time has come for joining our efforts : we will be back in Dakhla in 2016!


Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin
Crans Montana Forum

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