Global Governance is about to Evolve

Special Program

On the occasion of the Homeland and Global Security Forum which took place in Brussels on last October 2016, the Crans Montana Forum engaged its Participants, among them key decision makers of Governments, in an in-depth debate dedicated to the new Governance that our World requires. Changes are everywhere and keep springing up everywhere… Shaping a new way of Public Governance is now an emergency

Among the topics to be addressed :

  • The Law is no longer the Law
  • Whistleblowers : are we facing a reprehensible trend or a real societal change which will become legitimate ?
  • When the Law becomes a weapon to secure a better domination on Political opponents
  • Data integrity, targeted surveillance and fight against terrorism
  • Extending the activities of intelligence agencies
  • The impact on international policy of the prosecution against foreign Heads of State

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October 20, 2016
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