Special Programme

On the occasion of the 20th Annual Session of the Homeland & Global Security Forum, which took place in Geneva (Switzerland) from October 24 to 27 2018, a special Programme wasdedicated to Africa, Integration & Security. It also addressed the potential of South-South Cooperation to tackle Global Security challenges.

Among the topics addressed :

  • Conflict prevention and peacekeeping require increased transnational cooperation and sustainable economic and social development
  • The role of Women and Youth in conflict prevention and peacebuilding
  • While hopes for peace occur, the Continent is still facing three major challenges :
    1. Fight against terrorist contamination from the East and restore territorial security
    2. Implement credible and respected Governance to support sustainable economic growth
    3. Restore trust amongst global investors and economic worldwide partners

with a special focus on :
Beyond Identity or Security Concerns
Migrations, an Opportunity for Africa

  • African International migration is first intra-African rather than extra-continental
  • The role of intra-African migration in the growth and structural transformation of economies
  • How to ensure a better flow of information on migration : a major challenge to facilitate a successful integration – Implementing African Union’s measures to promote free movement
  • Is Europe still be able to offer better opportunities to migrants : Africa has a future, its place in tomorrow’s world
  • Faced with the failure of current migration policies, should the multilateral approach to migration issues be called into question ?

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October 24 to 27, 2018
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