Mrs. Debbie Remengesau, First Lady of the Republic of Palau, Guest of Honour in Dakhla

March 16, 2018

Mrs. Debbie Remengesau, First Lady of the Republic of Palau, was a Special Guest of the African Women’s Forum’s Session dedicated to Women’s Empowerment in the economic and political frameworks.

Mrs. Remengesau is the Spouse of Mr. Tommy Esang Remengesau Jr., current President of the Republic of Palau since 2013.

The First Lady of Palau recently founded the Palau Legacy Project and the Palau Pledge to make visitors and residents aware of the impact of their actions and the important role they play in protecting the island nation’s environment and culture. The Palau Pledge is an oath in the form of stamp that will be issued by the Palau immigration officers for visitors to sign upon arrival, acting as an agreement to act responsibly when staying in the South Pacific State.

As the tiny nation of Palau faces many major environmental challenges, the Micronesian State has become a leader amongst the International Community for innovative environmental initiatives such as the Palau Legacy Project or the Micronesia Challenge.

Mrs. Debbie Remengesau will tackle these environmental issues during the Plenary Session dedicated to the Fight against Climate Change in the SIDS.