Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture in Africa discussed at the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla

March 16, 2018

A Session dedicated to Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture in Africa is held in Dakhla, in the framework of the Crans Montana Forum on Africa and South-South Cooperation.

Chaired by Mr. Riad Balaghi, Head of the National Agronomic Research Institute of Morocco, this Session highlighted the Initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) to climate change, sharing this Moroccan Initiative towards African partners, and addressed crucial topics for Food Security in Africa such as water access and biosecurity.

The Panel of Experts included Mr. Joseph Chidanti, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture of the Parliament of Malawi, Mr. Mohamed Ait-Kadi, President of the General Council of Agricultural Development of Morocco, Mr. Bernard Tychon, Director of the Water, Environment & Development of Liège University (Belgium), Mr. Rodrigue N’Guessam Koffi, Director of the Water Manager & Modernisation of Agricultural Holdings at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ivory Coast, Mr. Morton Mwanza, Principal Vegetables Production Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture of Zambia, Mr. Mostapha Chehhar, Director of Domaine Vert at Groupe Crédit Agricole du Maroc, and Mr. Mithika Mwenda, Secretary General of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance.