CRANS MONTANA COMMUNICATION FORUM : one day high-level panel on the MANAGEMENT OF CRISIS COMMUNICATION – June 2019 in Geneva (Switzerland)

January 22, 2019

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The Crans Montana Communication Forum propose a high-level panel, to be organized in Geneva (Switzerland), on June 27, 2019, dedicated to :


The Crans Montana Communication Forum, on the occasion of a key topic of actuality, aims to gather, on a regular basis, the trend-makers and influencers from the World Communication and PR community.

Based on the 35 years of experience and success of the Crans Montana Forum, the Crans Montana Communication Forum mission is to provide top Representatives of the Communication and PR community, Business and Governments with an interactive and unique platform for networking, discussion and sharing of experience.

In addition, the Crans Montana Communication Forum creates interaction for Businesses and Governments with the world of Media and Social networks as they play a growing role in Politics, Business and the global Society.

Communicators need today a global and permanently renewed network for implementing their strategies and distributing the best practice in Crisis communication and Reputation management. The 35 years of experience, contacts and reputation of the Crans Montana Forum specially at the highest level of Governments and International Organisations allows such an ambition.

On the way back from CANNES LIONS 2019, the Crans Montana Communication Forum's session will shed light on all elements related to a very specific concern for the Business community and the Public sector : the Crisis Communication's management.

Government Officials, Business decision makers and Experts in Communication and PR are invited to join the Forum and address these key related issues for our new Century.

They will meet top specialists from the World majors in Communication and PR.

Among the topics suggested for discussion :

  • What are the today's potential high-risk challenges ?
  • How to be one step ahead of the crisis ?
  • Does it exist a crisis prevention and a possible preparation ?
  • Challenges and opportunities in Crisis communication
  • How Communication can help to recover from a crisis ?
  • Real questions to be discussed with Crisis and PR Experts
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • What can be considered as a successful crisis communication's management ?