President's message


For more than thirty years, the Crans Montana Forum has been the most successful and prestigious international organizer of high level meetings. Three to four times a year, between 600 and 1,350 participants among whom Heads of State and Government, Ministers, International Organizations, Experts, Businesses and high representatives of the civil society used to gather on the Forum’s invitation.

These very specific events had essential characteristics which constituted their value and continuously strengthened their reputation, among which:

  • a three-day agenda allowing to propose varied and complementary topics of strategic interest associated to a freedom of activities and private meetings for the participants

  • a place (most of the time a capital city) offering the participants additional opportunities for official meetings and business

  • putting together in one place and at one time an important number of high- ranking personalities representing more than one hundred countries at least, from the circles of politics, business and civil society, these personalities being selected and invited to offer a cohesive group with a dynamic potential for interactivity and networking

  • unchallenged networking opportunities benefiting from a unique and discreet atmosphere, the absence of protocol and media coverage, all facilitating spontaneous, personal contacts and the opportunity to get acquainted with new interlocutors

  • a completely original but widely recognized alchemy, allowing the creation and the strengthening of bonds of friendship and trust

    That was before... It is obvious that the pandemic has ruined this model which had kept for years proving its worth and strengthening itself.

    Today, WHO experts are unanimous in announcing for many years to come a long pandemic, with twists and turns, waves and unpredictable developments. It is therefore to be expected that the traditional format of the Crans Montana Forum will not be able to revive for a long time...

    The Crans Montana Forum therefore reinvented itself because waiting for an improvement does not make sense when no serious deadline, in any area whatsoever, can be envisaged. Our life, our activities, must go on, but we are doomed to live differently while preserving the essentials of who we are.

The situation therefore required to change the model and propose to our constituents a new kind of events having the following characteristics:

  • a limited number of participants

  • a reassuring and open framework avoiding health risks

  • very specialized topic of interest for a group of high level participants

  • an even more careful selection of the level of the participants and their links with the proposed theme

  • a dynamic adaptation of the networking potential opening-up real and concrete opportunities

    This concept in no way compromises the quality of the events or the outcome to be expected.

    This new kind of Forum, centered on a very concrete theme, is named "High Level Panel". These CMF High Level Panels will be an exceptional and more interactive kind of melting pot for top VIPs allowing human discoveries and the sharing of experiences and knowledge as they bring together key actors from a defined area of expertise.

    Each session will be organized in the framework of a strategic partnership with a Government looking to improve its communication at the international level or a major Group (Industry, finance or bank).

    The Crans Montana Forum therefore adapts its formats, in an innovative and original way, choosing a concept, today unique, which allows to combine the unavoidable sanitary rules and the upkeep of the essential characteristics which have made the success of its activities.